Protocol COVID-19

Security Measures

Informatie in het Nederlands

At all times take care of yourself and others and maintain 1.5 metres distance as much as possible.

Make sure you are aware of the current state of affairs. The Ballet School publishes important updates on this page.

Always follow the teacher’s instructions.

Follow the indicated walking routes and place indications.

To ensure students will be able to keep sufficient distance, there is a maximum number of participants per class.
If necessary, participants are divided into two groups, taking the class every other week in the studio or online. Students will receive a notification by e-mail well in advance.

The health check is mandatory for children and adults of all ages.
Stay home if you have any of the following symptoms: 
Coughing, a fever in the last 14 days, sore throat a cold or difficulty breathing.
You have to remain home if you are ill of have been ill in the past 72 hours.

Stay home if you had a roommate in the past 14 days with a fever.

Change at home. 
The dressingroom is not open for use, however you can put your bag and shoes in the dressingroom.

Use the toilet at home before coming to the school, toilets are open but better avoid using them as much as possible

Bring a filled water bottle so you don’t have to use the tap in the toilet unnecessarily.

It is mandatory to bring a towel for use on the floor in the studio and to dry your hands in the toilet.

Balletshoes are mandatory, bare feet are not allowed.

All students are required to wear facemasks when entering the building before class and when you are leaving after class. You do not have to wear a face mask during dance class.

Have you been abroad? Check the website of the National Government whether an orange or red advice applies, in that case, when you return to the Netherlands it is not allowed to come to the school for the first 10 days. You can join your class online from home.

Only participants can enter the school, parents and visitors wait outside.

Wash your hands before entering the studio.

Keep the light in the toilet on to avoid touching the light button unnecessary.

Cough and sneeze on the inside of your elbow. Use paper tissues to blow your nose and discard them after use.

If you are over 18 years old, keep 1.5 meters distance from others, including the teacher.

Between students till age 18: 1.5 m distance is not necessary, with adults including the teacher keep 1.5 m distance.

Take home your own stuff, including your water bottle and other trash.

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