Christmas Ballet

Christmas at Studio Simoncini

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Chritsmas Ballet T.B.C.
Christmas Ballet is a wonderful and special tradition at Studio Simoncini. All students come to class with Christmas hair. You will enjoy a romantic, beautiful class with a touch of humor to make christmas sparkle.

Christmas Music
The classes will be filled with special Christmas music composed for ballet. Mirella Simoncini has selected some of the best and most inspiring ballet pianists of the moment.

Mirella Simoncini

Want to join the Christmas Ballet?
We have a limited number of places available for students that are not subscribed to Studio Simoncini. Call us or send your name, age, phonenumber and level indication to:

Price for a balletclass here

“Ballet should never look predictable. When you dance each move you make is a promise. Even when standing in preparation you are making a promise that there is a story to be told”

- Mirella Simoncini