Pointe Class

Pointe classes are available several days a week. Working on pointe technique is between 15 and 30 minutes. Several classes are helpful for a better understanding of the basics with the focus on placement and building strength.

If you’re going to learn pointe technique, you will start with an additional 10-minute training.

Students with experience in pointe technique will enjoy the Fast Forward class and the Sundayclass with attention for speed, control, dance pleasure and moving towards repertoire inspired combinations.

Professionals that need to prepare for auditions or a production will find a suitable training especially on Saturdays and Sundays.

Students that prefer not to work with pointe shoes, may strengthen feet by doing pointe class on regular ballet shoes.

Pointe technique for students

“Ballet should never look predictable. When you dance each move you make is a promise. Even when standing in preparation you are making a promise that there is a story to be told”

- Mirella Simoncini