Reload & Relax Ballet

Powerful and loving

Reload & Relax Ballet is a surprising and diverse smart class

The class is built around a range of training methods that will alternate between Pointe technique Barre, regular classical Barre, Breathing Barre or a light Stamina barre, sometimes we will work on (pre)Pointes dance moves or we surprise you with a mini meditation that will make you smile.
The class is also virtual available, you can join from anywhere in the world.

“Reload & Relax Ballet is powerful and loving, be prepared to sweat, to laugh and to breathe. Working hard in a way you enjoy is the best way to recharge and to achieve complete relaxation”.

Studio Simoncini
About Breathing Barre

Live teaching with Zoom, small group, personal feedback

The detailed and personal approach at Studio Simoncini when teaching inside the studio has been transferred perfectly into an inspirational virtual form of learning classical ballet. Including the sense of humor and the discipline that is needed to understand the art of ballet.

This class is not suitable for beginners.

“Ballet should never look predictable. When you dance each move you make is a promise. Even when standing in preparation you are making a promise that there is a story to be told”

- Mirella Simoncini