Picture: Ballet Online Studio Simoncini – DHC/Brian Mul
Jöelle Rayer during Ballet Online | Studio Simoncini. Photo by: DHC/Brian Mul

Energy, inspiration and pleasure from home.

In our Virtual Studio you will find high quality virtual ballet. Online teaching has it’s own detailled approach and specific structure. You will follow class at your own level with care and attention and individual corrections. We integrate facts such as your floor at home and you are dancing in a smaller space. 
All classes are in real time with direct personal contact between student and teacher. Classes are coming with Zoom, so we’ll be able to see each other.
Making recordings or pictures is prohibited.

Studio Simoncini Foto: DHC/Brian Mul
All classes are live with direct personal contact between student and teacher. Photo by: DHC/Brian Mul

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Call or mail to request a trial class. You will receive a personal advice after class regarding your level in ballet. 

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“Ballet should never look predictable. When you dance each move you make is a promise. Even when standing in preparation you are making a promise that there is a story to be told”

- Mirella Simoncini